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Representing Quality Manufacturers to the Plumbing, HVACR, Electrical & Hardware Industries Since 1956

Companies Represented

Leading Manufacturer of Residential & Commercial Hydronic Finned Tube Baseboard Radiation

Kick Space Heaters, Hydronic & Steam Unit Heaters, Gas-Fired Unit Heaters & IR Products

AC/FCE, Boilers, Geothermal and Water Source Heat Pumps, Tankless and Indirect Hot Water Heaters

Cast Iron & Condensing Residential & Commercial Boilers, Controls, Panel Radiators and Towel Bars

One of a Kind Unique Repair Patch, Adheres to Almost All Surfaces.

Glycol Make-Up and Raw Water Packages, Air Vents, Condensate Neutralizers, Exp. Tanks & Alarm Kits

Air Distribution Products Vent Hoods, Chimney, Deflectors & Registers

Architectural-Style Draft Barriers & Convection Heaters

High Performance Hydronic Fan Coils & Designer Baseboard Solutions

Manufacturers of residential, commercial, industrial electric heaters

Baseboard, Hydronic and Radiant Heating Systems

Ventilation Solutions – Residential & Commercial Fans, Make UP Air Systems, HRV’s and ERVs

Draft Controls, Vent Dampers & Power Venters Air Quality, Air Movement and Air Control

Air Curtains, Electric Radiant Heaters, High Intensity Heaters, Tub Heaters & Patio Heaters

Portable Air Conditioners – Water Source & Air Source Central A/C & Heat Pumps

Noise and Vibration Control Solutions for Equipment, Water & Refrigeration Lines

Hydronic Baseboard Solutions: Classic, Kom Pak, Heatrim, Petite Line, Elegance & Synergy

Antifreeze/Glycol, Hydronic, Radiant & Steam Maintenance Solutions

Condensate Pumps for Mini Splits & Line Set Duct Kits

Air curtains, Electric Infrared Heaters, High Intensity Heaters, Tube Heaters, and more…

Hi-Velocity Central A/C Systems, Reverse Cycle Chiller (Air to Water Heat Pumps) & Hydronic Solutions

Buffer Tanks, Hot Water Storage, Geothermal & Solar Tanks, Electric & Heat Pump Water Heaters

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